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Crane services: for example maintenance of a drive unit in a crane system about 25 tonnes

Laser optical alignment

At least half of the mechanical damage to rotating machinery is caused by offset. The reaction forces of offset create additional vibrations, stress the bearing, produce frictional losses and wear out couplings. Systematic correction of a machine’s alignment requires regular checking of the geometric alignment status. Laser optical alignment measurement technology makes it easier for you to keep alignment problems under control. Better alignment means more efficient, reliable and longer-lasting rotating machinery. Furthermore, a study has shown that if alignment is improved even by only a few 1/100 mm, which is very easily achieved with a laser alignment system, there will be an energy saving of at least .5 per cent.

Fast, precise machine alignment with a laser has replaced the traditional, established method with a straightedge and dial gauge. The laser not only determines the setting of the machine and coupling geometry but also measures the rotational axes.

How does laser optical measurement work?

Poor alignment = high energy consumption!

Our services in detail:

  • Determination of the condition the machinery is in
  • Measurement of coupling offset, coupling gap and machine tilt
  • Screen-guided correction of each anti-vibration mounting
  • Evaluate the recorded data
  • Advise the customer and decide together what measures to take
  • Implement measures, taking customer’s deadlines into account
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