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We deliver solutions.

Crane services: for example maintenance of a drive unit in a crane system about 25 tonnes

Components of crane and lifting technology

We supply you with an extensive range of products from stock or we can quickly procure the items you need – irrespective of manufacturer.

Our range of products includes:

  • Cranes: Travelling cranes (single or double girder), overhead cranes, slewing cranes (wall or pillar construction), portal cranes, knuckle boom cranes (wall and pillar construction), stacking cranes, and semi-portal cranes, also for explosion hazard locations
  • Lifting equipment: Chain hoists, block and tackle, lever hoists, ancillary equipment (for example, load measuring devices), girder clamps
  • Carriages: Travel drives, wheel-block units, bogie girders, adaptors
  • Lifting accessories: Lifting chains, lifting ropes, wire rope slings, round slings, load securers, lifting straps, accessories (hooks, shackles, tension locks)
  • Load-carrying attachments: Grabs with two or more shells, grabs with multiple ropes, girder magnets, round magnets, rectangular magnets, battery magnets, load-lifting magnets
  • Remote controllers
  • Spares and accessories: Control switches, clamp buffers, cable drums, lift force limiters, measuring and reading equipment

Get everything from a single source:

Advice, planning, assembly, commissioning, corrective maintenance.

Mr Achim Serak
Operations Manager
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