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Time is of the essence when it comes to logistics. Every cog needs to run smoothly in order to avoid bottlenecks in the logistics value chain. As a partner to logistics providers, Blumenbecker Industrie-Service GmbH makes sure that the technology involved functions problem-free.

“When loading or unloading, things have to move quickly,” says Christian Benz, head of Industrie-Service’s Osnabrück branch. “Industrial doors and loading facilities are subject to enormous stresses, and it is our job to ensure that all components perform the way they should.”

The components in question - including loading platforms, lifting tables, swivel-arm platforms, loading houses, cushion dock seals and curtain door shelters, crash protection systems and much more - form part of Blumenbecker’s portfolio. The company has made a name for itself as an internationally operating industrial service provider, with the Osnabrück team acting as the specialists for all matters relating to transport and logistics.

“From Osnabrück we look after clients in the frozen food logistics and freight forwarding segments Germany-wide,” explains Benz. “And not only do we offer products, but services as well.”

One such service is the regular inspection and repair of industrial door systems. It may sound like an easy job, but when it comes to dealing with doors in refrigerated areas that are as cold as 24 degrees below freezing, the work can be challenging. But even when conditions are less extreme, keeping a client’s plant and equipment in perfect condition requires considerable experience and expertise. That is precisely why Blumenbecker has only well-trained specialists on its staff who, as Benz stresses, commit to continuous professional development.

What is more, thanks to the steel construction capabilities of the Blumenbecker Group even cranes can be repaired, overhauled, and also built to client specifications. “Thanks to the know-how of our specialist staff, we’re a one-stop troubleshooter for the logistics industry”, declares Benz. In addition to self-developed and patented solutions, Industrie-Service’s portfolio includes fitting and assembly, retrofitting, repair, inspection and maintenance.

For the customer, working with Blumenbecker bears a number of advantages: one contact for all customer locations, an overview of maintenance jobs past and pending at all times, and clear cost savings.

Benz knows what his clients expect: “They seek a partner who knows the business and works to the same standard, no matter where. That is the only way to guarantee a uniformly high standard of quality. More importantly, should something not work properly, we can be reached around the clock and be on site quickly.”

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