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In-house exhibition at Blumenbecker Industrie-Service. Two worldwide innovations presented

Live demonstrations of what Industrieservice 4.0 can do

Everyone is talking about Industrie 4.0 – but only a handful of experts are familiar with Industrieservice 4.0.  On April 6th, Blumenbecker Industrie-Service GmbH held an in-house exhibition to inform customers and prospective buyers in depth about the impact of digitalisation on industrial plant maintenance and inspection and the advantages that come with it. 

More transparency, heightened safety, increased simplicity” is how Industrie-Service Operations Manager Achim Serak summed up the use of digitalisation in the field of industrial services. Using Industrie-Services’ own operational processes, which have been fully digitalised since the beginning of 2017,  as an example, Mr Serak showcased the various uses to which digitalisation can be put – from RFID chips for equipment marking purposes right up to apps used for order processing, maintenance and inspection as well as documentation, all of which communicate via the cloud. Any data stored in the cloud can be retrieved by Blumenbecker technicians via a tablet device. 
A great deal of visitor interest focused on the firm’s customer portal for maintenance, which enables a complete history and documentation of every piece of operational equipment used to be generated. With these customer portal, companies can involve other maintenance partners besides Blumenbecker and thereby benefit from up-to-date tracking of the maintenance status of their plant and machinery.

Renowned partners on board

Lending a helping hand during Industrie-Service’s in-house exhibition were well-known partners who had come to Beckum to unveil two German premieres.  ABB, for one, presented the ‘Smart Sensor’ - a new sensor technology that allows ‘smart’ maintenance to be carried out even on small low-voltage motors via the ABB cloud. And Marantec, a drive systems specialist, premiered a connectivity system which, in conjunction with drives and control units, enables preventive maintenance of industrial doors and gates. Besides these premieres, visitors were able to attend a total of three special presentations on the importance of digitalisation in the fields of crane, door and drive technology.
The exhibition’s approximately 70 visitors, many of whom had come a long way, showed keen interest in the presentations and the opportunity to learn about technological details in talks with Industrieservice and manufacturers’ representatives at the fair’s stands. As savoury bites and drinks were provided as well, expert discussions and shop talk lasted well into the afternoon.
At the end of the meet everyone agreed that it had been worth their while. “We were able to observe that many of our customers have put digitalisation at the top of their agenda and that there’s high demand for information,” Mr Serak concluded. “High marks were given for combining presentations with practical product demonstrations by our partners. I am sure there will be a repeat performance of this type of exhibition again soon.”

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